I've never been really good with technology but the research Sounding Out about music and deafness is pushing me to learn now. Sam West is helping me with all of this! We're trying to help the kids with hearing impairment to visualise music and understand through images their musical productions. In this specific situation our... Continue Reading →



This will help his FINE MOTOR SKILLS, stimulate the EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONS (which are important for impulse inhibition, planning and cognitive coordination) and his HANDWRITING. In the end he was so happy that he gave me a big hug!


Ad un certo punto mi sono ricordata di avere l’Ipad nella borsa e appunto, tra le applicazioni presenti, c’era anche LOOPY (una scoperta che avevo fatto qualche mese prima grazie alla condivisione su Facebook di un’amica cantante).
Così piano piano ho mostrato il funzionamento di Loopy a Teodor, lasciandolo sperimentare suoni, voci e melodie. La sua reazione è stata eccezionale: un’esplosione di tentativi e prove per capire come fare musica con l’applicazione.

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I didn't run the best session ever? I will do it another day. This is the best opportunity for me to learn, to understand how to improve and to try to do better next week. I'm still feeling upside-down, though.

I’m ready to move on!

ENG/ITA With this event for children tomorrow I finish this tour between Italy and Spain. I spent 20 days travelling between Milano, Padova, Bologna, Agrate, Pordenone, Ibiza and Albacete! It's been so nice to meet old and new friends and to live amazing moments of #music, #bodymusic, #improtheater, learning and fun ❤️ And Monday I'm... Continue Reading →

O Cantador: la mia voce

Oggi ho cantato il mio primo standard jazz. Punto. Oggi inizia la mia nuova vita. Segnare sul calendario: "Hai fatto il primo passo". Ho iniziato a perdere la voce a 6 anni. I motivi sono mille. Una vita di frustrazione legata al non poter cantare sta finendo. Per riuscirci ho "solo" dovuto cambiare 3 stati,... Continue Reading →

Sounding out – THE SHOW!

ENG/ITA Done! Thanks to my colleagues Eloise Riddell, Ruth Montgomery, Vanessa Stansall and Raphael Clarkson and to all the staff of the Oak Lodge School: it’s been 6 months of hard work but it was worth it! The kids have been amazing, I guess we were more nervous than them! Thanks also to the Handprint... Continue Reading →

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