About me


My name is Tiziana.

Three years ago I decided to change my life and now I’m living my personal journey between music, travelling, improvising and learning.

Discovering and sharing is my passion: body music, impro theater and music therapy are my languages.

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I graduated in pianoforte and I completed a diploma specialising in Music Therapy with a thesis on cognitive enhancement through music and the movement in cases of learning disabilities. At the same time, I specialised in studying the development of children and their natural understanding of music (Music Learning Theory’ of E.E. Gordon). I also carried out research in the field of education and therapy (learning disabilities, Executive functions, Downs Syndrome, Senile Dementia, Parkinsons, Alzheimers) and participated in congresses and international festivals.
In 2010 I came across theatre improvisation at the association ‘Cambiscena’ in Padua. For years I collaborated with educational institutions (from infant schools to universities) on music and music therapy projects in Italy, Spain and the UK. Since 2013 I have held workshops and courses on body percussion and circle singing. These focus on music therapy, teaching and performance. In 2014, I moved to Alicante, Spain to coordinate a music project at an infant school ‘Trazos y Rayajos’, whilst attending a Research Masters at the Faculty of Education at the University of Alicante.
Now I live in London where I’m mainly involved in Music Therapy. In 2016 I started collaborating with ‘Creative Future’ for a project divided between the London College University, the Institute of Education LCU and Harvard University. I am researching two projects for them: “Sounding Out” which explores music therapy for young people with hearing impairments and another about the development of the Executive functions through music in early years education.